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Wear is the Love Episode 29: Let's analyze some 2022 polling!

Wear is the Love Episode 29: Let's analyze some 2022 polling!

Plus, the Top 5 articles for your week

Wear is the Love, Episode 29

In this week’s episode, we discuss two things: the new NYT/Siena polling on the 2022 midterm election and Sen. Joe Manchin’s recent scuttling (over inflation concerns) of the last dregs of Build Back Better. (NYT) The midterm polling has some super interesting nuggets around Biden v. Trump, voter issues, and generic congressional ballots. President Biden will sign an Executive Order on climate programs in response to Manchin — and you’ll hear how we feel about the White House’s decision to split up prescription drugs and ACA extensions and climate/energy. (CNBC)

Episode notes:

NYT/Siena crosstabs

WaPo’s Editorial Board opinion

Jonathan Chait’s essay for NY Magazine

Wisdom of Crowds’s podcast with Michael and Jane Coaston

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The Top 5 articles for your week:

  1. “There are Trees in the Future, Or, A Case for Staying” (Protean Magazine)

    Because Lupita Limón Corrales asks, “If every place becomes any place, what difference does it make?”

  2. “What Counts As Seeing” (Orion Magazine)

    Because this is a delightful interview between Alice Wong and Ed Yong, a science journalist for The Atlantic, on his latest two books. Yong says, “We think of the senses as passive intake valves: Light enters my eyes; my ears are vessels for absorbing sound. But actually the senses have this almost active role in shaping the world around us. In viewing nature’s palettes, eyes also act like paint brushes.”

  3. “Keeping our options open” (Aeon Magazine)

    Because “Whenever an insect species vanishes, or a language loses its last native speaker, the biosphere loses options.”

  4. “Uyghur Poems From a Chinese Prison” (The Atlantic)

    Because “Poems—which can be composed, recited, and memorized even without pen or paper—have become a favored literary form during this historic ordeal for the Uyghur people.”

  5. “Can Planting a Trillion New Trees Save the World?” (New York Times Magazine)

    Because while we debate climate change policies at the national and global level, you may remember back in 2019 there was a huge movement to begin “reforestation” and this report looks at that effort over the last 3 years and its challenges.

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