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I’ve been mulling over this message ever since you posted it, and it strikes me as very wise. Like your other most convicting messages, it focuses not on the “what” of politics but on the heart of your readers. And it cuts to the core — a common thread throughout the Trump era, from threats to release his tax returns, to the Mueller investigation to discussion of the 25th Amendment to the hopes pinned on the January 6th committee to these various legal challenges has been the way they served exactly the role you describe.

I do think that impeachment is immune to this criticism, though. It’s THE constitutional remedy for rogue presidents, and had Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and eight more Republican Senators voted to convict and bar Trump from future office in the second impeachment — a reasonable ask from the least Republican-friendly caucus at the moment of Trump’s clearest culpability furthest from any election — then we would be in a very different place politically today.

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Wise words, Michael.

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I just wish that the government had acted more quickly and aggressively to take action in response to the coup attempt, rather than simply allowing him to continue to practice politics and rally supporters, and have these cases come out against him one by one. It just feels like our government is not defending itself as strongly as many others would.

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