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Michael, interesting article.

I’m with you on many points in your proposal, up until the point where you want to allow abortion up to 8-15 weeks, which is where, as you say, “a majority of abortions take place”.

Why do you feel that it is moderate and/or good faith for someone who is pro-life to agree to allow most abortions to continue to happen?

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Good article.

"If Democrats stop evading the reality of the situation, they can lead" Yes. I don't think they are there yet but I see hope.

As far as Republicans you propose a compromise that gives up most of the ground they gained in Dobbs, a historic win. If 10 Republicans voted for that our ears would bleed from the screaming of the betrayed base, who have ached for this moment for 50 years! Since 1984 Republican position has been a national ban. Overturning Roe is the halfway mark.

Your post is pragmatic, let me outline a more plausible path to a compromise similar to what you propose (BTW I like the structure of your bill).

1. Get 48 Dem Senators to pledge that they will not only vote for a bill legalizing early-term abortion, they will ditch the filibuster if need be to pass it. The Bill will pass January 2023 if voters do their part. Two more Senators and hold the House.

2. By offering voters a concrete deliverable promise (and good campaigning all around) beat the odds, add two Senators and hold the House, and pass the Bill. Your proposal sound great, I personally think it hits the political sweet spot. Getting there will be an ugly fight between left and center Democrats. But they will have to deliver something, breaking such a concrete promise is suicide.

3. Provided the bill was moderate enough it will be too popular to knock down when Republicans take power later. ACA redux.

This is what Josh Marshall at TPM has been pushing, see his NYT op-ed Democrats Can Win This Fall if They Make One Key Promise.

It is the most politically realistic path I can see. If it worked would the Democrats realize a moderate bill that prefers popularity over purity is the way to go? I hope so. In the meantime the best we can do is lay the table.

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